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Designer wrapping paper. It’s a thing. Or at least it’s now a thing. And its for Charity! This year ASK US FOR IDEAS have asked 12 of London’s finest creative studios to design 12 highly limited and unique wrapping papers (or prints, really – lets be honest) and are making them available for your purchasing pleasure in the lead up to Christmas. The proceeds are all going to WRAP UP LONDON, an initiative that works to keep vulnerable people clothed and warm in the winter period. This will ensure that the exterior of your gifts are both classy and conscientious even if the contents aren’t.

It may be that the smartest among you realise these are actually probably more than just wrapping paper, too. Given each one is hand-screen-printed, limited to 200 worldwide, designed by the industries finest and printed on GF Smith’s most delectable Colorplan paper they’ll likely look as good in a frame as the would wrapped around a rocking horse.

All to say – do as you please with your pack. Wrap with some, gift one or two to others, and frame your favourites.

Christmas sorted.

The Designs

A Practice for Everyday Life



Commission Studio


Don't Panic Partners





The Beautiful Meme



Special thanks to GF Smith for their donation of the most colourful of papers and to Harvey Lloyd Screens for their help with the flawless screen-printing.

The identity design and art direction has been handled by one of our very own contributors, the heroically patient and talented Lowrie. They like hip hop, don’t you know.

This natty website was built by the genius that is Rich Cook and designed by Freddy Taylor (who always helps and always delivers). Finally – The drool-inducing pile of presents was created by 3D Artist Tom Pounder. Big up Tom.

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£42(for all 12 prints)

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